Brave presents ERR_CONNECTION_RESET in certain webpages

Description of the issue: As the title suggest, I am currently having issue to access this webpage ( and all the sites belonging to it.
How can this issue be reproduced?: I seen that this has also happen to some users regarding other webpages (Consistently getting "ERR_CONNECTION_RESET"). You just type the webpage and immediately the screen shows the following message.

Expected result: This would’ve been the expected screen.

Brave Version: [
VersiΓ³n 1.27.109 Chromium: 92.0.4515.115 (Build oficial) (64 bits)

Hey TaurusHero,

I can access the webpage just fine, so I suspect that it might have to do with one of your extensions. Can you disable them and try to access it after?

Hi, this issue is real, only happens under certain ISP, and related with chrome 92.0.4515.X (Other browsers works correctly).

Differents issues with AWS and GCP that cuts connection on TCP level.

this is a example of TCP with wireshark
β€œ131”,β€œ2.914613”,β€œ192.168.31.191”,β€œ13.227.26.63”,β€œTCP”,β€œ54”,β€œ1056 > 443 [ACK] Seq=1512 Ack=5877 Win=131072 Len=0”
β€œ132”,β€œ2.914892”,β€œ192.168.31.191”,β€œ13.227.26.63”,β€œTLSv1.3”,β€œ118”,β€œChange Cipher Spec, Application Data”
β€œ133”,β€œ2.914987”,β€œ192.168.31.191”,β€œ13.227.26.63”,β€œTLSv1.3”,β€œ146”,β€œApplication Data”
β€œ134”,β€œ2.915115”,β€œ192.168.31.191”,β€œ13.227.26.63”,β€œTLSv1.3”,β€œ467”,β€œApplication Data”
β€œ135”,β€œ2.919100”,β€œ13.227.26.63”,β€œ192.168.31.191”,β€œTCP”,β€œ54”,β€œ443 > 1056 [RST, ACK] Seq=5877 Ack=1576 Win=8192 Len=0”
β€œ136”,β€œ2.926384”,β€œ13.227.26.63”,β€œ192.168.31.191”,β€œTCP”,β€œ54”,"[TCP Window Update] 443 > 1056 [ACK] Seq=5877 Ack=1576 Win=68608 Len=0"
β€œ137”,β€œ2.926430”,β€œ192.168.31.191”,β€œ13.227.26.63”,β€œTCP”,β€œ54”,β€œ1056 > 443 [RST] Seq=1576 Win=0 Len=0”
β€œ138”,β€œ2.926688”,β€œ13.227.26.63”,β€œ192.168.31.191”,β€œTCP”,β€œ54”,β€œ443 > 1056 [ACK] Seq=5877 Ack=1668 Win=68608 Len=0”
β€œ139”,β€œ2.926688”,β€œ13.227.26.63”,β€œ192.168.31.191”,β€œTCP”,β€œ54”,β€œ443 > 1056 [ACK] Seq=5877 Ack=2081 Win=71680 Len=0”
β€œ140”,β€œ2.926713”,β€œ192.168.31.191”,β€œ13.227.26.63”,β€œTCP”,β€œ54”,β€œ1056 > 443 [RST] Seq=1668 Win=0 Len=0”
β€œ141”,β€œ2.926746”,β€œ192.168.31.191”,β€œ13.227.26.63”,β€œTCP”,β€œ54”,β€œ1056 > 443 [RST] Seq=2081 Win=0 Len=0”
β€œ142”,β€œ2.927685”,β€œ13.227.26.63”,β€œ192.168.31.191”,β€œTLSv1.3”,β€œ125”,"[TCP Spurious Retransmission] , Application Data"
β€œ143”,β€œ2.927727”,β€œ192.168.31.191”,β€œ13.227.26.63”,β€œTCP”,β€œ54”,β€œ1056 > 443 [RST] Seq=2081 Win=0 Len=0”

Diego, are you on Colombia with Movistar or ETB?

Today for ETB on Colombia was solved, and a chrome issue was opened, because it is happens on few others ISP around world.


I’m with ETB and yeah, I’ve just checked and the webpage is working fine.
Could you mind explaining what an ISP is?

Again, thank you very much.

ISP = Internet Service Provider.

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