Consistently getting "ERR_CONNECTION_RESET"

Description of the issue:
Whenever I try to visit ANY site, I get a connection reset error. This only occurs in brave, since I can use any other browser just fine.

How to reproduce:

  1. Open brave
  2. Input anything in the search bar and hit enter

Expected result:

The website will load for a few seconds and the browser will show an error message:

Brave Version( check About Brave):

[Version 1.2.43 Chromium: 79.0.3945.130 (Official Build) (64-bit)]

Additional Information:

This happens with every single website I visit, even regular google searches.

Your Brave build seems pretty old, can you update to the latest version and retest?

Just updated to latest version, i still am consistently getting the same message
I found out that it temporarily stops whenever i restart my computer, but comes back around 5 minutes later.

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