Brave phishing popup?

Description of the issue:

  • I haven’t opened brave for ~1 year.
  • I used brave only to acquire a domain on
  • I haven’t installed any extension, except Metamask

Last month, when visiting clicking on “connect” opened the following popup (see below). I’ve cleared my cache, cookies, and it’s now gone.

:point_right: I suspect a phishing popup, but I’ve no idea where it’s coming from, so is that an old brave popup or not at all?

Looks like brave wallet notification. Brave has created it own wallet. Your photo shows the old brave wallet.

Go to brave://wallet. And select None for crypto wallet in the settings.

Brave old wallet was a fork of metamask. So whenever you select connect to metamask, it used to link the website to brave wallet instead of metamask.

It does not look like phising to me.

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