Crypto Wallet Scam Ad

Hi guys

Have used brave for almost a year or so now, earning BAT, blocking ads etc, love the browser.

However today I encountered something that I think almost would’ve stolen all my crypto had I not noticed it? Please someone tell me this isn’t true lol

Anyway I clicked on an ad that came up in the notifs and then after I realised an extension had been installed.

Look at the permissions

Anyway I proceeded to shutdown brave and open as administrator as it wouldn’t even give me the option to remove the extension and ALSO it said it was not from the Brave Store.

Anyone else had a similar situation?



No-one? No-one? No-one? No-one? No-one? No-one? No-one?

This extension is the now-depreciated crypto wallet. It is bundled with Brave and can not be removed.

It seems this is really a deprecated built-in brave wallet.

Why the heck did you assume it was caused by an ad?

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