Brave performances

I was very happy about Brave performances when I started using it.
Just a little disappointed by the low number of home page pins and the impossibility to manage them.

  1. After some time you change the “Other Bookmarks” to which I had became very used. I survived moving the folder on the left and with time I get used to it. Now you moved it back. Is it so difficult to leave the user the choice to have it right or left?
  2. And there is a reason why it is reshuffling every single day?
  3. The sync, very useful feature, is not more working since a long time. Do you think to abandon it?
  4. I am writing in English (at least I suppose it it sounds English) and the corrector is giving any misspelled word, but the correction are in my own language. Not very useful indeed.
  5. The pins on the home pag are reshuffling and some time disappearing in an erratic manner. I got used to have only six, but now I do make maintenance every morning wasting my time and I cannot fix them on page.

I am astonished you are one of the few cases of a brilliant start crashing on itself.
I strongly hope you can patch all the good features which made me select Brave and that are now disappeared