Brave on one device is slower than a Brave on any other device, or any other browser

Description of the issue:
Slow speedtests when using Brave Browser.

How can this issue be reproduced?
1.Use Brave Browser when conducting speedtests.

Expected result:
To have Brave display the similar results to speedtests done in Edge, Chrome, Firefox,

Brave Version( check About Brave):
[Version 1.45.123 Chromium: 107.0.5304.110 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Additional Information:
Speedtests done on Brave show 30Mbits (not 30 MBps), other speedtests show 800 to 900 Mbits in download speeds achievable.
I have reset NIC on my device.
Removed QoS from router.
Checked Brave on 3 other devices in the house all show good results in speedtest.
Reset Brave to defaults before uninstalling it.
Uninstalled Brave on the problem device. Removed all settings, reinstalled.
Speedtest from Brave on problem device

Speedtest taken on Brave on correctly working pc:

All tests above were conducted using cat6e cables linking to devices at gigabit speeds.

Slow speeds also experienced on problem device when using wifi (its a laptop)
Speedtest on problem device using Brave over wifi:

Speetest on problem device using Chrome over wifi

Didn’t see what you were saying right. I thought I was seeing Brave vs Chrome and posted results to say wrong. But I’m seeing I missed where it wasn’t Chrome vs Brave but was how both showed one device over the other, so edited that out.

Check your firewalls, extensions, and other settings. Also important would be for you to check drivers on the device that’s having issues.

Thanks for your reply @Saoiray .

Drivers are up to date.
OS is up to date.
Firewalls havent been changed, but for sanity check I turned off the laptop firewall and tested Brave again.
No difference.
Brave speedtest is stuck at 30ish Mbits, all other browsers get upwards of 200Mbits.

Extensions were disabled in the initial fault finding process.
I then uninstalled Brave, removed settings, deleted “user data” folder in.
C:\Users\xxxxx\AppData\Local\BraveSoftware\Brave-Browser, then reinstalled Brave and did test with stock standard install. No change, 30Mbits again.
I also downloaded Brave Beta, and the same issue is present on the stock install of that.

The device I am having the issue on is a Dell Precision 3550 laptop, less than 12 months old.

Just to make it more interesting, if I enable a VPN on the device the Brave speedtest gets normalish speeds along with the other browsers.
If I enable browser plugin only VPN, the speedtest gets 30ish Mbits again.

And guessing if you were to flush dns, no change as well? (this was thought for a moment, but not sure why)

@JimB1 do you have any ideas?

DNS flush yielded no changes to the 30ish Mbits cap on the speedtest.
I also changed the DNS from my usual (NextDNS to and and rebooted with no change.

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Well, I’m out of ideas off the top of my head. I’ll hope someone more knowledgeable might be able to swing by with thoughts. If not JimB1, perhaps @CerealLover or @chh_68. Seems more up their area of expertise than mine, that’s for sure.

Just to make sure I am following correctly: I think you’re saying Brave is comparable to other browsers on other devices; but on this one device Brave performs worse than other browsers on that same device?

My first thoughts are:

  • Do you have any differences in brave://flags between a ‘good’ device and the ‘bad’ one?
  • Are you running any ‘security’ or ‘privacy’ software, besides MS Defender, on the problematic machine?
  • Do you have Secure DNS enabled in Brave settings?

I am not the one in this field. Cereallover (monkey profile pic) might be.

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That is correct.

I did. flags:chrome then enabled dark mode by default. I reversed that option, then uninstalled Brave and reinstalled Brave, then tested the speed test with a stock standard install. I still got the 30ish Mbits limit.
Sorry, I misread. I had the same changes to the chrome:flag setting across all devices. I reverted to the default settings during fault finding steps.

Yes, Trend Micro WFBS. I disabled that during the initial fault finding steps. No change while it was disabled.
I also had Ublock Origin and Privacy Badger but as mentioned, issue persisted after fresh install of Brave without any extensions installed.

Normally, yes.
I reset it to default settings during initial fault finding steps. Still limited.

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