Download Speed is Really Slow, Only In Brave

Description of the issue: While downloading anything in Brave, the speed never goes above 1.5MB/s. Everywhere else I get 15MB/s. I have a 150Mbps DL and 50Mbps UL, so my connection is fine. Plus I can download the same file using another browser at full speed. For some reason it’s just with Brave.
How can this issue be reproduced? I honestly have no idea. For me it just is there. Stuck at 1.5MB/s.

Expected result: I should be getting normal download speeds. Instead of just 1.5MB/s I should get anywhere from 10MB/s to 16MB/s from servers like Google, Amazon AWS and other top tier networks, and I do with other browsers, just not brave.

Brave Version( check About Brave): Version 1.24.85 Chromium: 90.0.4430.212 (Official Build (64-bit)

Additional Information: None. This pretty much sums up the problem.

Not using a VPN? would test speedtest in a private window mode, and run it a few times. then compare the average

I’m bumping this for Community/Brave support.

If you run a speed test in the latest Brave version, it’s throttled.

I have 1Gig UP/DOWN on Fibre.
Through an iMac - Safari gets me 930 Up and Down.
Brave gets me 250 Down and 930 up. It looks like Download is throttled hard.
I’ve removed shield and tried that again. No change.

On the screenshot Left is Brave while Right is Safari right after one another.

This is another Bump.

I just re-tested this, New Brave Beta profile below, every pass of speedtest just varies so often. Even running the speed test one after the other, I would get +/-80G on the download or each run.

  • Server load. (Other users running speedtest, impacting serverside resources bandwidth or disk).
  • Bandwidth allocated at the time (Because you have a 1G connection or more, doesn’t mean you’ll have it always). Fibre speeds while high will often vary more, compared to a DSL for example.

I would test in a new Brave profile as start. Use any speedtest as a rough guideline, and use other speedtest sites in your region to gauge the speeds.

/ Have worked in an ISP previously

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