Brave on Mac - new tabs hang forever

Starting today (no changes made to my Mac - no patches, no software updates).

Opening a new tab and typing in a valid URL - hangs until page stall box appears. Same with clicking on a URL that opens a tab - the tab opens, remains blank, and eventually hangs, never displaying any data.

  • All extensions disabled.
  • Re-downloaded and re-installed Brave. No change.
  • Rebooted. No change.
  • Cleared all cache and cookies. No change.
  • Tried creating a new profile - but that window remains blank and hangs too. Finally I got a new profile built - the same delays happen there too.
  • No CPU hogs in Brave Task manager.
  • If I exit and restart Brave - it takes many minutes to start. No idea why. The dock icon doesn’t start bouncing right away like a starting-up app - it bounces after about a minute.

After starting Brave, many minutes go by… then a blank grey window. If I click on Tab on the menu bar, my list of tabs appears, but Brave does not actually show the tabs and their content - only a blank grey window.

Brave Version 1.26.74 Chromium: 91.0.4472.124 (Official Build) (x86_64)

MacOS 10.15.7 on a 2019 MacBook Pro.

**Additional Information: other browsers perform quickly and as expected. Doubtful that DNS or Internet connectivity is responsible. I had to do this on another browser.


P.S. Cautiously optimistic that I may have solved it. I removed and reinstalled Cylance and everything seems fine now. Cylance was not reporting anything with the browser, but upon removal, the above-described problem immediately stopped. Upon reinstalling, it’s still fine. Fingers crossed.

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Hey @petergregory !

Have you resolved the issue you are experiencing? Do you mind sharing what is Cylance?

Thank you,


Cylance is an advanced (commercial grade) antimalware tool. I have it through work. Go to to view their commercial products. It does look like they sell this at retail: . I’d not hesitate paying for it if I didn’t have this through work. Then again, I’m an infosec professional who publishes books on the topic, so for me to be whacked would be painful.

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