Brave Hangs on mac 10.13.6

Brave: Latest version this evening on Mac 10.13.6

It has been working well for months until today.

Brave started to hang or crash many times today.

Where do I send crash report which mac automatically generates?

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If you can go to Settings --> Privacy/Security you can enable Automatic crash reporting.
Can you tell me what version of the browser it is you’re using? You can find this by going to Menu --> About Brave


Thanks for your reply!

I did set auto-crash in Brave just now,

and also just now attempted to log into the Brave support page= hang up.

The hang or crash manifests as the spinning beach ball of Mac.

This occurred just as I pasted my long password into the box.

Another window was playing a Youtube and continued

after the crash for a few minutes before stopping.

I don’t know if Brave is able to send you the crash report in this case,

but I have restarted each time after two crashes just now.

I saved a text file of Mac’s crash report box which is usual for Mac apps.

Should I paste that into an email to you?


Brave version 1.4.95

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Just happened today as well for me, Brave hanged and crashed, and when trying to restore tabs on restart, it CRASHED AGAIN… Now all tabs are lost! :frowning: and the files “Last Tabs” and “Last Sessions” just include the text “SNSS”… worst part it I was already in the progress to do a manual backup of the tabs, in case Brave would crash, managed to save half of them before it crashed ;(

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Is it a specific page(s) that crashes Brave? If you disable Hardware Accelleration in Brave settings does that help?


This has been happening to me for over a month, with no change. Everytime I load the browser it hangs for almost 10 seconds. Even when opening a new window or private window.

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I have reported this problem back in December, hardware acceleration is off. Problem persists. No one answered me then. Good to see someone has noticed now.

I would try a clean profile, no imported bookmarks, no extensions, default options. (maybe at most disable Hardware acceleration as an option). As a test.

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