Brave on Android will stop working when Brave rewards settings is accessed

Description of the issue:
Brave on Android will stop working when Brave rewards settings is accessed.

Steps to Reproduce (add as many as necessary):

  1. Activate Rewards using about:flags
  2. Access the rewards settings

Actual Result (gifs and screenshots are welcome!):
Brave crashes. Any attempt to restart Brave will result in an immediate new crash. If you are a fast enough to close the open Brave rewards tab while Brave is restarting Brave will not crash.

Expected result:
No crash.

Reproduces how often:
Every time.

Brave Version(See the About Brave page in Settings):

Mobile Device details
Samsung SM-P900 tablet
Samsung SM-J500FN mobile

Android/iOS Version

Additional Information:
German locale is used.
If all data of Brave is deleted (not just the cache) including all bookmarks Brave will restart just fine.

A couple of minutes ago I again had to uninstall Brave on my mobile device (and therefor lost all history, settings and open tabs) because Brave would not run after updating it to 1.0.95. After some investigation it was clear it had been Brave rewards that immediately crashed Brave when I would try to start it.

I have two mobile devices with different versions of Android and Brave reward is a real danger to my Brave installation. I deactivated rewards on all my devices and do not intend to use it again before Brave devs a sure to have fixed this bug.

Are these builds installed via Playstore or via sideload? One thing to note if you uninstall the app then everything is lost. Its not similar to desktop where the profile is kept intact so reinstalling it brings back the same profile. Language isn’t an issue for rewards to work so not really an issue there.

cc: @Sam @Serg for more info on this.

I use sideloaded versions from Github (usually only rc version).

I know you will lose everything if you uninstall an app on Android. That makes this issue even more painful.

Usually rewards will work for some time without any problems. After about a month or so Brave crashes when I open the rewards settings. When I restart Brave I have to be very quick. If I’m able to close the reopening settings tab within a second or so Brave might start normally. Otherwise it will crash again right away.

A few days or weeks later Brave will crash without any reward settings tab open. This crash is not recoverable.

If rewards are disabled Brave will not crash at all.

This is fixed in the new release (1.0.95). We had some issue with Chromium update which caused the crash and its fixed now. Please update the app via Playstore.

That being said you don’t have to always uninstall your current install and then sideload the new build. Installing it over the current install would just manually upgrade it so you can test the upgrade scenario and let us know if you run into anything.

  1. What exactly has been fixed? Brave rewards eventually crashing Brave on Android? Or something else?

  2. I do not uninstall Brave when updating it. But I had to uninstall Brave after rewards caused it to crash after each load.

Crash is fixed. If you are downloading via github you should be able to see what all is fixed. Its mentioned in the release notes as to what all issues are fixed as part of it

Release notes on Github do not say anything about a fixed crash for version 1.0.95.

Thats because it was fixed in the older version of 1.0.94 which is part of 1.0.95.

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Sorry, but I really feel kidded around here. I clearly reported here that the issue is still present. And you tell me it has been fixed in 1.0.94. So I tell you it has not been fixed - if we are even talking about the same issue. The crashes occur when rewards are enabled.

There might be misunderstanding about releases. I’ll try to make sure to explain it clear. There was a known issue with rewards crashing when CR got bumped and we had constant crashes so we fixed it in 1.0.94. you can see that in the list of fixed issues. 1.0.95 again had a CR bump so we did check for crash relating to rewards and its working fine. So far we haven’t received any reports of crash relating to rewards. So we need to figure out whats happening on your device. Your reported crash is on 1.0.93 which had that known crash so ideally if you upgrade to 1.0.94/1.0.95 you should stop seeing the crash relating to rewards.

I hope this clears the confusion/misunderstanding. If you still have doubts hit me up on a DM and we can discuss it

Greetings mortals,
this happened to me too but is there anyway to reinstall/recover the old wallet?
for a moment I thought it was a Huawei U.S. thing fortunately not.

No, there is no way to backup or recover your wallet on Android.

There is no feature right now since there is no option to add funds to the wallet. Once we have the add funds functionality you should be able to get the backup/restore functionality similar to desktop