Brave rewards crashes after android update

I’m new using Brave, just few weeks, today my smartphone received an update from Samsung, after the update rebooted my phone a brave sent me a ad notification so I clicked it, after that I went to rewards button but in the dropdown windows was an error X, so I went to brave://rewards, and brave crashed, then I noticed that my clicks(140) and BAT’s(6,9) but USD $0,00 the usd per bat was $0,00 and brave keeps crashing when I access rewards, but it keeps running.

If I unninstall and reinstall it will I lose what I have?

Phone: Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime
Android: 8.1.0
Brave: 1.10.99
Brave was installed from Android playStore

Thanks for reporting @fajung! The team is currently investigatign.

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Here are some screen captures, if it helps.

https: / /

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