Browser crashing trying to access Rewards settings

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Description of the issue:

Browser crashing when trying to open rewards setting via rewards triangle button (the little red triangle)

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. When browser is open by clicking on the Rewards triangle button. As soon as you press the triangle button the browser shuts down…

  2. Have updated to latest version via Google Play Store and same problem remains.

Press Rewards triangle button at top of browser bar and whole browser crashes to Android home screen.

Expected result: As always press Rewards button to check setting and pending rewards.

Brave Version( check About Brave):

UPDATED Brave 1.15.76, Chromium 86.0 4240.111 Via Google Play Store, Note issue began in previous version

Mobile Device details

Samsung S9+ SM-G965F running Android 10

Additional Information:

The problem just seemed to come from out of nowhere and I’ve been reluctant to uninstall Brave Browser incase i lose my ad rewards pending.

One thing of note is Google Chrome says it has an update but it doesn’t engage a download and update. You can keep pressing update and nothing happens.

The rest of the phone and software is working perfectly.

Quite frustrating but really only the first problem i have ever had with Brave Browser ((Android)).

Also Account is linked to a verified Uphold account.

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Same behavior here. Same particulars and version numbers. Only difference is that I’m on a Pixel 3 phone and the original poster is on Samsung S9+

Having seen issues with BAT not registering as being seen / clicked in the past, I have periodically tended to open the BAT settings to check the balance and see if it makes sense based on my recent Ad Popup count. When I tried doing that today, the browser crashes immediately just as described in the original post.

Hope this isn’t affecting BAT counts !! I know that at the end of the day, the $$ recv’d as reimbursement for my attention is very small, but I continue to have issues as to the occasional disappearance (or apparent disappearance) of BAT credited, etc. and, at least on the android version, there is no way to check history.

Thanks in advance for YOUR attention to this isssue…

Victor Z

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I have the exact same issue but on the oneplus 8t. I switched over from s10 yesterday and the issue began. Hopefully it’s fixed in a patch soon

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Update to this issue …

At least for me, the problem seems to have resolved itself. The only thing I can say to have done is that I re-verified / re-connected to the Uphold wallet and after that I am now able to see the reward settings, the ad count for this month, etc.

I have to say that I would LOVE to see better documentation of ads seen, perhaps something akin to the way the desktop version shows the last 7 days worth of ads served up.

And finally, if I were to more fully lay out my wishlist … I would LOVE to get some sort of accounting as to the BAT paid out … specifically, as to how it relates to the ads served for each platform, an indication of how many ads were served to correlate to the BAT paid out, etc… Right now, the process is pretty opaque. I get an email from Uphold saying that BAT has been paid in, but nothing else. I cannot independently verify what I’ve been credited for, if all the ads served were accounted for, etc. etc…

Thanks for your continued work in making Brave and the BAT process better.


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