BACK button does not return to correct spot on previous page

What might be the problem?

I’m using PC and Windows 10 with latest Brave version v1.43.89 (Sep 2nd, 2022).

It is getting annoying when I press the BACK button on the browser and the it doesn’t remember where on the page I was or left. The browser always returns me to the top of the previous page.

I have also noticed that it seems that this happens especially if I am on the “new page” for a moment longer and then return to the previous page.

If I come back like in 1 - 60 seconds, the browser might sometimes remember the point where I was before and it doesn’t return me to the top of the page. As if there was an option / timer in the browser regarding whether to return the user to the top of the previous page or to the part of the previous page where user really were…

and yes this problem occurs on all pages.