YouTube requires me to press "back" button twice to return to a previous page

First, I am sorry if my English is bad because English isn’t my first language. Okay, So, If I play some youtube video on brave and then I want to go back to the previous page. The problem is I need to press “back” button twice to return to the previous page. But, if I play youtube from another browser I just need to press “back” button once. Can somebody help me to fix this problem?

I had the same problem. I uninstalled brave browser then went to C partition , Program Files(X86) and deleted everything in BraveSoftware folder, restarted PC, downloaded and installed Brave again, logged in into my youtube account and everthing works fine, pressing back button once go one step back.

You can try uninstalling and all that like @aljosabos did – I might try clearing cache/browsing data for first and see if that has any effect.

I tried clearing all the cache at first but it didnt help.

Can you try using a Private window and seeing whether or not you get the same behavior?

Oh yeah, I tried to clear my cache and it’s work. Thanks

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You’re very welcome.