No previous page control on android

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I’m unable to return to my previous pages as there does not appear to be a ‘back’ control with Brave on Android. I use this control all the time with my present browser and can’t imagine why this isn’t available.

I doubt that I’m the only person who has made this complaint but I don’t see it anywhere in the forums.

I hope I have reported this problem clearly, please contact me if you need further information.


What device are you using and what version of Android is it?

Device is Moto G8 Power and using Android 10.

For Android 10 just the back gesture should be sufficient it works as previous page control itself

Thanks sriram,

Does the ‘back gesture’ mean the swipe left action? If so, then yes, this does take me back to previous page and is not something that I was aware of. I would still prefer a back button and surprised that this isn’t available especially as the much less useful ‘forward’ button is provided. That said, you have solved my immediate problem and I am am grateful to you for taking the time to help me.
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As of now we are just taking the feature of browser to use the back gesture as back button. Introducing a back button may be more of rework and chances of things breaking. If you need a dedicated back button, your device should have a setting to switch between gesture to soft buttons but this would be at the cost of having a reduced view of the browser and other apps.

I’ll close the thread for now please open a new one if you need any other help