Brave on Android links opening as thumbnails from various apps

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Description of the issue:
I subscribe to various websites and blogs using RSS. On my Android phone I see the feed using the Android app “Feedly”. When I click on an article within Feedly Brave opens but the page appears as a thumbnail taking up 1/4 of the screen or less. I can’t click on the thumbnail to view the web page, I have to close the tab, go back to Feedly, and then click the link again. See the image below.

Oddly enough, clicking on links from most other apps usually works fine. However, in the Facebook app when I view an article then choose “Open in web browser” the same things happens. This suggests the problem is not with Feedly.

When I select Chrome or Firefox on Android either of those browsers opens the links properly.

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Install the Feedly app on Android
  2. Subscribe to a blog using the Feedly website - for example the Brave RSS feed is here
  3. Open Brave, click on an article

Expected result:
The article opens in Brave, full screen, so I can read the article

Brave Version( check About Brave):
Android says 1.64.113

Mobile Device details
Google Pixel 8, fully updated

Additional Information: