Brave occasionally prevents Windows from sleeping

Since beginning to use Brave for Windows a month ago, I noticed a few instances where Windows 10 wasn’t activating the screensaver and later turning off my screens, as I have set.

Each time running ‘powercfg -requests’ in the Command Prompt as admin revealed Brave to be the culprit. Restarting Brave temporarily fixes the issue.

Version 0.63.48 Chromium: 74.0.3729.108 (Official Build) (64-bit)

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i stumbled upon your thread when i was posting my own Brave bug thread.

i couldn’t single out what was wrong as my Windows 10 pc also would not go into the screensaver/turning the screen off mode in the last several weeks, which after reading your thread, coincides most likely with me starting to use with Brave!

i think there is a Brave bug that doesn’t allow screens to turn off, or, the screens would turn off and within half a second, turn right back on.

unlike your situation, however, mine is happening non-stop, i.e. the screen going black can NEVER happen ever since i started using Brave.

hope someone can find the bug and correct it. thank you.

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Interesting that this bug is intermittent for me and constant for you.

Normally only video or audio actively playing in a web browser will prevent screensaver and sleep activity, IME. Naturally I’ve discounted that with this my issue in Brave. Brave devs: I wonder is there a way to specifically identify the Brave process that is preventing sleep?

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