Brave still occasionally prevents Windows from sleeping

Since beginning to use Brave for Windows a few months ago, I have noticed several instances where Windows 10 wasn’t activating the screensaver and later turning off my screens, as I have set.

Each time running ‘powercfg -requests’ in the Command Prompt as admin revealed Brave to be the culprit. Restarting Brave temporarily fixes the issue.

As originally described by me in: Brave occasionally prevents Windows from sleeping

Happened again today. It happens to me at least once a week. Very annoying to have all my monitors kept on for sometimes a day or more, if I’m unlucky :frowning:

Again today, I return home to discover…

C:\WINDOWS\system32>powercfg -requests
[PROCESS] \Device\HarddiskVolume8\Program Files (x86)\BraveSoftware\Brave-Browser\Application\brave.exe
Video Wake Lock

…that my PC had been prevented from sleeping and locking the screen (really awful security issue).

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