Brave preventing display and system from sleeping

I know this is a long running chromium issue, but I wanted to raise it again because it’s continuing to cause major usage problems.

Having certain background tabs open prevents my display and system from sleeping. This has caused my laptop to run out of power and force shutdown numerous times.

This happens even when all extensions are disabled. It’s not due to some rare sites with weird media. Having a twitter or youtube tab open, but not playing any media, will prevent the system from sleeping. Here’s an example of a webpage that will trigger Brave into a “Preventing Sleep” mode if it’s open in the background:

This seems to be a very common and cross-platform issue, e.g.:

Again, I’m not sure if this is anything that can be addressed, but I wanted to encourage the devs to think about it because it continues to cause me major issues.


If a chromium fix is needed, not much we can do until it’s patched upstream @dae

I don’t know what’s needed, how much is baked into chromium, and what Brave-specific workarounds are possible. But I think it’s really worth looking into because it seems to be a significant cross-platform usage issue.

Seems like it should be feasible to come up with a work around, possibly via tab suspension, which is another highly requested feature.

I’ve been experiencing the same behavior. The only “solution” I’ve been able to come up with is to create a .cmd file that starts Powershell and then kills Brave.

start powershell taskkill /IM brave.exe /F