Brave...nothing brave about it

why can the user not delete pre-installed useless search engines that brave provides?

You mean like this?

You seem quite passionate about this

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Feedback is fine, but the tone of it here is fairly insulting. I don’t work for Brave, but I like to help here where and when I can, but when someone shows up with condescension out of the gate it’s very demotivating. I almost didn’t bother posting at all.

Anyway, moving on from there, I haven’t tried a ‘raw’ DEB or RPM install and every Linux system is wildly different, hence it can be difficult getting universal packaging right. How exactly are you attempting the install?

For what it’s worth, it looks like brave-keyring is intended to install and maintain public keys that are then used to verify the integrity of the browser package. Using the /linux website instructions I think would sort that out, of course if it’s one of the supported systems.

Works fine on my Fedora systems, using their /linux instructions. Dunno about arch.

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