Brave for Clear Linux

I have been a Brave user for the last few months. Recently I installed Clear Linux in my laptop (currently typing using that). I am impressed with the speed of the OS. I want to stick with it and of course browser is essential.

I have searched Brave for Clear Linux and unable to find it. Would anybody tell me how to install Brave browser in Clear Linux.

Am not very clear on what type of Linux distro it is. Is this based on Solus?

It’s actually opposite. Solus is built by borrowing many optimisations from Clear Linux. Clear Linux is from Intel.

Thats good to know. Am not very well versed with Clear Linux. What packaging does it use?

It uses something called swupd to update the Linux. Clear Linux ships software in bundles.

I don’t think there will be an official release done for this unless we have a huge user base come up on the platform. Just reading about Clear Linux it sounds like its not the “conventional Linux distro”. But that said you should be able to extract the rpm file and run the binary. If it supports packaging would be possible to create a package script using the source and install it.

They are in their initial stages of providing Desktop Linux distro. :grin:
Just a few days ago only they introduced the graphical installer for Clear Linux desktop.
Compilation and boot up times are faster than all other Linux distros. I think it’s better to consider this distribution also.
For now, I will try to extract and use the rpm version of Brave.

If there is a mass adoption and we get a lot of users requesting then it will definitely be added to the official support list but not right now. I’ll keep the thread open for a few days and if you face any issue with the extracted rpm then we can discuss else close the thread after a week

Sorry, no luck extracting and installing the rpm package. Needed so many dependencies. I guess I will be using Clear Linux as a secondary OS. :neutral_face:

I have downloaded rpm package from
I have extracted the package directly and able to use the Brave without any problem.

By the way, I am seeing releases with different names. Like Nightly channel, Dev channel, Beta channel, Release channel etc. Which version do you suggest me to download and use?

Glad that it worked after installing the dependencies.

Release is the current stable version. Beta is what becomes release so more or less stable. Dev and nightly are not stable so you may encounter a lot of bugs as they are still in development phase but you get to see new features. Depending on your challenge level you can chose from either of the 4 channels and use it.

[Update] : Following steps might not work as there is no need of brave-keyring. I have updated the detailed instructions on my blog. The link is give below. :

Here are the general instructions on how to install Brave for Clear Linux.

sudo su -
swupd bundle-add package-utils cpio
dnf config-manager --add-repo
rpm --import
dnf download brave-keyring brave-browser
rpm2cpio brave-keyring*.rpm | ( cd /; cpio -idv)
rpm2cpio brave-browser*.rpm | ( cd /; cpio -idv)
rm -f brave-*.rpm
sed 's/Icon=brave-browser/Icon=brave/g' /usr/share/applications/brave-browser.desktop 
f=/etc/environment; s='export FONTCONFIG_PATH=/usr/share/defaults/fonts'; touch $f; if ! grep -q "$s" $f ; then echo $s >> $f; fi
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@nayabsd Thanks for adding the steps. Thats great. Closing the thread for now. Please open a new one if you face any issues while using the browser