Still no ads notification even after following Win10 troubleshooting post

Hello, I downloaded Brave last week, still not a single ad notification. I live in Sweden and so here it is brave ad notification supported… Brave app Notification is enabled in Windows 10 settings.

I followed this post troubleshooting but to no avail, it still does not work
Brave is my default browser etc… Everything is enabled as it should in brave://rewards/ to encourage ads but i need help.
Thanks in advance


I’m in Canada. same problem. No ads

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Almost 2 months with no ads and it’s not fixed yet? Brave browser has been updated recently and still not fixed.
It looks like they didn’t care, they don’t want people to received BAT tokens for free.
If this continues like that is sounds like a click-bait: “Download this and receive that” - people download and receive nothing."


I’m in Mexico and have the same problem. I used in my iPhone and computer, and the adds only appear in my iPhone.

Yes. Same here. Got ads on Android. But, no ads in my laptop. I’m currently using new Microsoft Edge ( with Adguard installed ) until Brave fixed the Ads issue. It’s faster than Brave ; )

Same here. Got ads on Android and BAT rewards. But, no ads in my desktop (windows 10).And also it doesn’t appears on notification & actions in my settings section. :confused:

And well, welcome to the users with the denominated “july bug”. And yes, is already reported but the effort by now is to create a new plataform to speed up users support and troubleshothing.

I deleted that reply :laughing: