Brave not saving password on exit

I’ve always felt brave to be a superior browser. However, in the last week it decided to not save passwords on exit which means I have to authenticate myself again EVERY single time I log in. Can you help me correct this as I have looked on the community help and have done all the suggestions with no result. Thanks

Did you check your ctrl + h settings to make sure when you go to clear browsing data, that the passwords information was not accidentally checked?

It’s not checked. The four above are and even when I uncheck those it reverts back to being checked.

Apologies but I’m a bit unclear on what’s happening – are you saying that the Passwords and other sign-in data option is not checked in Clear browsing data --> [on exit]?

Browsing history, download history, cookies and other site data, cached images under both basic and advanced will not let me uncheck. On exit I can uncheck all. Sorry if not explaining it well. I just want it back to when logging out, shutting down computer etc that I don’t have to relogin and authenticate myself. I don’t know why it changed as before when upon exit I could go back and not have to login again.

No worries. Are you simply being logged out of the site or is the password/credentials itself getting erased? Can you also tell me if you have any extensions installed in the browser at this time?

Sorry for what may be a dumb question but what are the credentials. It definitely is removing password where I have to relogin. In the case of amazon and some others it sends me a message where I have to further identify myself before going further. I do have extensions such as ad blockers, etc Speaking of adblockers do you know if there can be made exceptions to certain sites? Thank you for your help.

Okay gotcha – so the passwords themselves, that are saved in brave://settings/passwords which is what I thought initially. But if I’m understanding correctly now, you’re simply logged out of websites when you close/reopen the browser – so that when you relaunch the browser and go to a website, you’re logged out and you have to click into each box to fill it with your user name and password. That is correct?

Yes, that too. But more annoying is that with example Amazon it wouldn’t recognize me and they would have to authenticate my credentials and me prove who I am. However, I think for the time being I have it resolved. I thank you for your help.

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