Brave dosen't save my login

In the last couple of weeks Brave doesn’t save any kind of login (even if I check to remember it).
Also, the most annoying part is that I receive security emails after I complete the login manually.
Twitter instead has a different approach, once I go to my feed page, Brave automatically logs in (but then I receive the already mentioned security notifications and emails).
I’m using the last version of Brave, how can I solve this?

In your ctrl+h (history) do you by any chance have it set to delete login info on exit once you close the browser? This is my first go to guess.


Hello @HighPriestess42.
I just opened that tab and I found a checked field (cookies and other site data).
Maybe I clicked on it while thinking I was in the “base” tab while I was clearing my cookies!
You solved it, many thanks!