Brave not remembering passwords AND not initiating my password app (Dashlane)

Description of the issue:

Brave not remembering passwords. I know, I know. This topic has been raised all over the place here. The problem is that a solution is never posted and then the dev closes the topic after 30 days with no published resolution. The problem is still here guys.

Brand new iMac this week. Catalina 10.15.6. Brand new clean install of Brave. (Meaning that I did not data migrate the installation from my prior iMac but downloaded and installed as if new.) Brave version 1.13.82.

Remember pw is checked, and I have answered yes to the request to save the pw when the question pops up.

I have looked in Preferences>Autofill>Passwords and the passwords are there and stored.

Clear Browsing Data on Exit is NOT checked. I have not cleared browsing data manually either.

I tried removing Library>Application Support>Brave Software to give it a chance to recreate the system files. That did NOT work.

From the new installation (after marking Brave Software .old) I went to particular site. In this case Amazon. I logged in manually. Brave asked me if I wanted it to save the creds. I said yes. I wandered around in Amazon for a minute or two, then logged out of Amazon, and exited Brave.

Reopened Brave and went to Amazon. Blank space. I checked the Autofill>Passwords, and the Amazon creds that I manually entered and saved are there.

It also will not activate Dashlane, my password app. Safari and Chrome both have no problem with this. If the browser doesn’t know the creds it automatically triggers Dashlane for me to use. Brave does not do this.

How can this issue be reproduced?

I have no clue. Come to my house?

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Follow up.

This is a nightmare and time waste. I’m going to have to go back to Chrome until this is fixed or there’s a workaround. I’ve had to go find 8 different routine passwords just this morning, all of which were correctly saved in Brave.

But also this morning I had to install new gmail email accounts in my mail client on a new iMac, and somehow or other, when Brave was summoned to assist it was able recall those google login creds when verifying the accounts.

So it seems to be selective, though there doesn’t appear to be any apparent or even detectable rhyme or reason to what it chooses to remember.

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I have this problem too, though not with this particular password manager. My brave often doesn’t enter the saved passwords, or save passwords sometimes, and doesn’t save to or pull from Apple keychain. In these instances I switch to Safari. This seems the biggest flaw with Brave and potentially crippling to usability. With this fixed, the experience would be pretty much flawless. This is important though because increasingly my passwords are unmemorably complex and diverse.

Thank you!

I have the same issue and have tried contacting the devs but nothing.

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