Brave nightly no ads

case number= 221452c6-07da-466a-aeec-611eb534fa32

wow, that was a fast 30 mins… wait… Sorry! Didn’t mean any harm just tickled me how fast that was posted. :smiley:

If that is an old case number, you need to restart your browser per step #2, then continue following steps 3 on, including #4 (Now use the browser, ideally for ~30 minutes, as you normally would). Depending on when created, there have probably been updates (including backend updates) that have been implemented since then. The information in those logs is probably stale.

Or maybe you ran that one recently (like today) per instructions and it was already available?

30 mins of logs helps a lot more, however yes you have hit your caps for the day. Please continue to use the browser and as more inventory is added for IN, more ads will be served to you. Thanks

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I downloaded logs now at the time of uploading. Then about 30 minutes. I am using this browsers from past 2 3 hours now. And i have turned or verbose logging week ago. So yes i am fast. I provided the logs which i was asked to submit. I am not a fool to not understand what brave asks me to. Thank you.

Ok. But i received only one ad today

See my comments above as this can happen.

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