No ads on Nightly?

No ads at all (pop up and home page) on Nightly on both windows and android since 15th June, despite updates. Is this a known issue?

Yep, it’s recently been reported and should be undergoing investigation here soon if not already.

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Thank you @Saoiray :slight_smile:

@Thrive Have you updated to the most recent version of Nightly? If so, still having issues? They made some fixes, so curious to see if resolved.

Hi, @Saoiray

Yes I updated Nightly on both devices yesterday and they both received one ad, then nothing since.

Please email me at if you would like to screen-share so I can diagnose the issue.

Hi @tmancey - I sent you a DM and can send logs over to you. Hopefully someone else can do the screen sharing thing as I’m afraid I cannot.

@Thrive I think you can. It could be a nice experience. :smiley:

:wink: Yes I can, and it often is, but I can’t share screens on company devices unless its with the IT team who manage them. :smiley:

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