Brave Nightly doesn't install in a separate directory from Stable Release version

I installed Brave Nightly and it overwrote and corrupted my release channel installation. I uninstalled had to do a clean install of the latter because Nightly didn’t install in a separate directory. The nightly version also had some strange allowed cookies that I couldn’t remove.

Different Brave channels used to install separately. What the hell happened with you people? :exploding_head: :thinking: :exploding_head: :exploding_head:

They do.

Shouldn’t have. Not sure what might have occurred for that to happen. Also, what do you mean by “corrupted” your installation?

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I couldn’t get my Release channel profile back. Only recourse was to uninstall and clean install.

@jaybird If you don’t mind taking some time to answer, I’ll put down some questions I’m sure some at Brave would want to know.

  • When you mention it overwrote your Release installation, did it remove Release or could you explain more on what happened?

  • How did you go about downloading Nightly? (was it from ?)

  • Which Windows OS are you using?

  • Have you ever installed Nightly on your device before?

  • Did you happen to take any screenshots or notes on what these “strange cookies” may have been?

Not sure what else @Mattches or others might get into, but at least wanted to hit those kind of key questions. And to clarify on the first, it really would be helpful if you can give a more in-depth description of what you’re saying occurred. I mean, are you saying the profile was erased/replaced (or even if a 2nd profile might have been made and you didn’t see it), that Release was removed, or what? Seeing “overwrote” implies one thing but then seeing “corrupted” leaves imagination for other problems. So just hoping for more clarity.

Anyway, appreciate you reporting. I just wanted to see if you’d be willing to provide more details. Otherwise at least have tagged in Support and not sure what more will be said or done. What I can tell you is what you experienced definitely isn’t normal or intended.

Got it straight from your linked source. BTW, my Release build had diagnostics enabled, so Brave should have gotten some data when I installed Nightly.

  • After install, I got a notification asking if I wanted to pin Brave Nightly to my taskbar.
  • I responded in the affirmative.
  • My Brave Release taskbar icon disappeared
  • No Nightly icon was pinned to taskbar
  • I found Google and cookies I could not remove

Windows 11 Pro 23H2 most recent stable release

Yes, probably more than a year ago IIRC, on an earlier Windows installation, the same laptop. Never had a problem installing or using that Nightly.

AFAIK this is literally not possible. I’ve reached out to some team members to check and see if perhaps it’s a known bug but this definitely shouldn’t be happening.

If you go to C:\Users\[Your user name]\App Data\Local\BraveSoftware\ do you see both a Brave-Browser and a Brave-Browser-Nightly directory here?

Nope. Only Brave Browser.

And instead of the normal orange lion icon you use to launch the browser, it now shows the purple lion icon?

What version of Brave is launched when you open it?

As I posted above I had to uninstall and clean install a new copy of Brave Release.