Brave Nightly says "up to date", but it's not


I’m a long time user of Brave Nightly (since the beginning it released), but lately I’m not receiving the latest updates when they are available. For instance, I’m currently at 1.29.3, but 3 days ago 1.29.8 got released and when I check for updates it says “Brave is up to date” while it’s clearly not according to Github releases. I already tried a manual install, but it keeps me at 1.29.3. I had this issue also at 1.26.x, but after a while it suddenly updated to the latest version. I’m also on the latest Windows 11 build, but this shouldn’t be a issue in this case I guess.

Anyone know how to resolve this?

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I too have 1.29.30, I think the update still hasn’t been rolled out to user fully.

Maybe it will reach us in a few days.

Lets hope its a technical temporary problem like you said it finally resolved itself previously, I do believe it will ultimately fixed .

Today I received a update to 1.29.12 which released 19 hours ago. But I never received updates from 1.29.4 to 1.29.11. Are these not released to the Nightly channel although there are visible on Github? If that’s the case then there is no problem, but would like to know how this works.

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