Updating Nightly

I installed Nightly on 21 October. The build I have is 1.47.9.

I thought the idea of nightly was to update every day/night. I don’t think this has updated since I first installed it.

This isn’t a showstopper for me, but if there is an issue with updating my build, I’d like to know. Is it set to update through the browser itself, or are Nightly users expected to go to a site to d/l the latest build?

Nothing is built on weekends only from Monday to Friday, tomorrow you will get a new build, usually sometime in the morning.

Also, you won’t get every nightly being done, they have pre-release ones, like 1.47.10, so you would have to go github and manually download it.

No, the updates are done inside the build every night, no need to go to the package store to re-install new version.

You have not specific which Nightly build you are talking about?
Windows, Linux, Mac, iOS, Android?

I am on Windows 11 here.

I’m glad that I can update within the browser. That’s what I suspected, but I thought to ask. I wasn’t making a connection between installing on a Friday and no weekend updates. Makes sense. We’ll see what happens later today.

Great. Just now, Brave updated itself to 1.47.14.

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