Not installing brave beta

This may be a dumb question, but how do I install normal brave? I had it on this computer and then I had to perform a factory reset on it and reinstall brave but I can’t find it, only the beta version. I don’t like using it and I want to use the normal one or the other one, whatever it was. Could someone just post a download link or direct me to the place I can get it?


You can find the official version in this link.

Thanks a ton for your response but the website it directs me to still installs brave beta when I click download. Maybe I didn’t uninstall it correctly? but how do I even do that on windows 11?


This is the link for the official brave browser page

This is the link for the normal version

If not working, go to windows settings and check if your Region is set correctly.

I figured it out. you were sending me the correct link but I still had brave beta installed on my computer even after deleting it from my files. I had to go into the settings and remove it. But yeah, regardless of whether or not you install it correctly, if beta is on your computer, it will not install. But I don’t understand how it got on my computer in the first place. I did install it correctly after the factory reset so I don’t understand how this happened in the first place. But I digress. Problem solved, thank you for you help, have a great day!

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