Ubuntu install instruction for nightly build?

Could someone point me in the right direction please? I just want to try the nightly build. THanks.

Here @Pitosalas https://brave-browser.readthedocs.io/en/latest/installing-brave.html#linux

Thanks! I tried it… Maybe questions are premature? But it seems to create a new “wallet”. Anyway just wanted to play a little to see where we are. I will continue using beta like I have!

Hi, @Pitosalas. Maybe this is what you’ve already tried, but there’s actually a set of instructions specifically for Nightly wayyyy down on that page. This link should take you right to it.

Do note that for Ubuntu 14.04 you have to use codename trusty instead of the variable $UBUNTU_CODENAME in the repository add step. Just be sure to scroll past the instructions for Ubuntu 16.04+ and you’ll see the steps for 14.04.

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