Brave News not loading in app on iPhone 12

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Description of the issue:

My brave news never loads it just spins in a circle. I’m on iPhone 12 iOS 16.4.1 it’s been happening for the last 3-4 upgrades.

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Open brave browser
  2. Try to scroll to news feed
  3. Watch loading circle endlessly go

Expected result:
No news feed shows
Brave Version( check About Brave):
Mobile Device details

iPhone 12 iOS 16.4.1

Additional Information:

Hello @ashleyv0t

Thank you for reaching us and I’m sorry to hear you are going through this. Could you kindly try to use a private tab to see if the issue persist?

Be waiting for your response!

Hi Alice,

In the private tab it doesn’t have the loading icon it just has the picture and the photographers name


I took some pics of it trying to load for 5 mins, to no avail. Is there something in iOS that would interfere? I also tried cleaning out my custom RSS feed and still the same thing.

@Alice2095 probably you forgot that Brave news doesn’t appear in private tabs. Anyway.

@ashleyv0t could you disable brave news by going to brave://flags → disabling ‘Brave news’ and ‘Brave news v2’ → restart Brave → go to brave://flags and just enable the flags you disabled earlier → restart brave. If that doesn’t work, could you install brave beta / Nightly and check if brave news loads over there?

Hey Alice, is brave://flags for mobile? My brave news doesn’t work on mobile, not having any problems on the computer. Yes I have tried to turn the Brave News toggle off and on.

I had a few remaining RSS feeds to clear out that I missed. Then I went to browser settings and toggled news on and off. This worked. I think one of the RSS feeds was getting blocked by privacy blockers and kept going in a virtual loop trying to load ergo was preventing Brave news from loading

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Oops lol. Sorry, I forgot brave on iOS is not fully chromium based, but more Firefox based therefore Chromium flags and others don’t work. It’s good to see you were able to solve your issue. Good day!

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