Brave news not loading on browser

iPhone - Brave News no longer appears on browser. I have reset settings, reboot phone, uninstalled and reinstalled Brave app. Nothing

Hello @Marty1, thank you for reaching us out. Have you checked this option is still enabled? If so try toggling it OFF/ON and then deleting cookies and cache.



Let us know if that helps. Regards.

Actually, after looking into all the settings I had. I had the Brave News blocked under Brave Shield’s & Privacy / clear private data

Thank you for the quick response and recommendation.

I have the same problem … no Brave News on iOS anymore as of the 12.29.2022 updated to version 1.46.

This “solution” is not a solution for me … still no Brave News after the 12/29/22 update to version 1.46

What do you mean you had Brave News blocked under the section you mentioned? I see no way to block Brave News there in my settings.

You’re welcome! If you have any other concern feel free to ask or open a new topic. Regards.

Hello @treego14, please make sure Brave news is enabled under settings > Brave Shield’s & Privacy / clear private data Let us know if that helps. Regards.

Your recommendation does not help, @Jarc-1107 … regards.

Brave News still doesn’t work after the January 6, 2023 update to version 1.46.1 today … please Brave … is there an explanation/fix for this? Thank you.

I had to manually unfollow all my sources and start over to make Brave News work again … I hope future updates don’t force me to do this again.

Hello again @treego14, sorry to hear that and thank you for confirming. We hope to correct this issue on the next update.

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