Brave news needs some love

I really love the idea of brave news.
Having a built in rss reader in my browser is great. It also looks and feels nicely integrated in to the UI. I‘m totally ok with privacy respecting ads in my feed.

But the entire feature feels really like it‘s missing some key features. Syncing the news sources in between devices is a really important feature. I use 4 different devices: a desktop computer, a work laptop, a phone and an ipad. Whenever I find a blog that I feel like is worth following i add it to my newsfeed. But doing that for each device is a pain. Especially since i sometimes wouldn‘t even be able to access all of them. So i end up with essentially 4 different feeds.

Even if we don‘t have the ability to sync devices directly what would help would be the ability to export the sources to an opml file. I can import opml files on mobile. But i couldn‘t find a way to actually export them. Also i didn‘t find a way to import opml on desktop at all.

It kinda feels like the brave team doesn‘t fully believe in the feature.

Thanks for reading. Happy weekend.

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