Sync News Sources Across devices

I would like a feature that syncs news sources across devices. Like many of your users, I do not need, trust or want to read the absolute garbage from any of the sources you offer.

We need a way to sync our own news source feeds.

  1. You already can customize your news sources.

  2. No need to go insulting. Acting like an ass doesn’t encourage anyone to want to help (such as me not giving you details about #1 right now). All you had to do was ask how to do it or if it’s all possible.

  3. Syncing across devices doesn’t exist, at least not for news. But as I said, you can add custom feeds and remove news sources. Not like it’s hard to find, just have to go through settings/customization.

Not really about synching, but they have been improving the News feed. They merged (probably available in tomorrow’s Nightly) the new v2 News UI.

Seems like it will make things easier to turn off and on since you are complaining about the default lists.

Also there is a flag in Nightly (I don’t use stable) brave://flags/#brave-news-subscribe-button which adds the button to easily add lists to the news section.

it is not complicated to find the "sources": { in preferences on desktop or a rooted phone and copy and paste to at least reduce the work, but maybe someday synching will happen, but it seems like really low priority, I mean, the new UI seems like it is really an improvement which is a better thing to do for now.