Add "Brave news" to synchronization

Hello everyone.
New user recently, Brave and the community, I’m still discovering it.

I created a news feed on the “Brave news”, in French since I am, from various media of French origin while keeping some US sources, so as to have information inherent to the browser, to his country of origin and what is said about France without being modified by the media and the French state.

I synchronized my android with my notebook recently. But in doing so, the custom newsfeed I assembled on my computer didn’t follow.

So I was thinking that maybe I wouldn’t be the only one interested, to integrate the individual customizations of “Brave News” to the synchronization, knowing that there must be a function to select which is the device from which synchronize.

I would add as I read in another topic, being able to select news, depending on our country would be very practical and welcome.

Thank you to the entire Brave team for providing us with this browser that never ceases to amaze us!

Sorry if my English is not good, I don’t know how to speak it and translate on the internet. I saw a few topics in French, but I don’t know if there is a French community on Brave.

See you soon.

Hello @Gerald64

We’re very happy for your feedback and we are working to make Brave Community a place where you feel comfortable voicing your concerns. About your request, this feature is already planned and the feature request can be tracked on our GitHub here

Have a nice day! :raised_hands: