Brave News Functionality

The current implementation of brave news is a great first step/proof of concept, but it falls way short of the features of even the most basic rss/news aggregation reader extensions let alone sites.

Things needed to go to the next step:

Support the OPML Standard
A lot of work can go into finding/managing one’s news feeds, with many people having 50-100+ feeds. I’m hoping you can add support for the OPML standard that all major readers use for importing/exporting/transferring subscription lists between readers.

Custom News Categories
When adding a custom news source, allow the user to set the category they want it in (currently it doesn’t get added to one), including adding new user-supplied categories.

Also allow the user to move current sources to other user-defined categories.

News Views
On the left add options where you can select a view including by category or specific feeds.

Add a sort option of: random, newest first, oldest first, by title, etc.

Add a search option that searches the titles of the articles for your selected view.

View Example

Sort By: Random
Search: None

Stages Beyond:

  • Add badges showing how many unread items in each category/feed
  • Auto mark items read as you scroll past them
  • Remove items marked as read from the all feeds/categories other than ‘Top News’ which should always be the latest or most popular news
  • Implement article grouping like google news has, where articles of a similar subject get hidden/combined into one that you pick which version(s) to read.

Far in the future:

  • Add decentralized non-censorable public/community commentary/annotated notes that operate outside of the site itself and that people can add to show up in a sidebar on all articles/webpages/urls while maintaining user privacy from governments/authoritarians/those who would wish to restrict free speech/free expression/free sharing of knowledge.

Similar in concept to what or are trying to do, but on a much larger scale, more anonomous, and decentralized for open and free sharing of thoughts and ideas across the internet.