Brave News / RSS Feed


I’d love RSS Feeds / Brave News to be more sorted and look more “structure”-like intead of the chaotic we now have. And also, it needs a small “x” to close or dismiss a news (either because not interested in or already read). It should give space to something else I haven’t read before. I have stuff in the current order that is days old or have been seen by me a dozen times. It is still there although it loaded a few more new items. I think it’s really confusing and not fair for all the websites I have added as sources.

Would be great if you can add it. I think it isn’t much trouble.

After a few updates but no changes in Brave News. I will answer to myself because as a reminder. It’s no solution for me to have an addon installed (RSS Reader) to have what I have asked for. Because then Brave News isn’t needed. I guess the idea was to have no need for an addon and to make something better. Looking forward.