Brave news feed configuration ignores preferences

I like having the Brave news feed on the home page, but the configuration doesn’t work. For example, it shows me news sources that I specifically do not follow. I ultimately just turned off the news feed because it was getting quite annoying.

I think I’m going to check out other secure browsers.

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@mbratch do a favor. Show a screenshot of your Brave News settings. For example:

Also advise what it is you are supposedly seeing in Brave News

@Saoiray thanks for the quick reply!

Here’s a screenshot of my Brave news settings. As you can see, I am not following New York Times. However, NYT news articles show up in my feed regularly.

Same goes for Huffington Post, Atlantic, and several others.

Hey @mbratch thanks for the info. What you’re showing me has another thing I need to bring up to the devs. But I think what’s happening is it’s because of Politics, maybe even one of the other categories. What I learned to do for myself was unfollow all those “basic” categories and to look for specific sources I want to see.

Unfortunately the big categories like politics or business is just a mix of a ton of random sources. The articles you are seeing in your Brave News should be related to one of those categories only. Whereas if you had New York Times set in itself, it would show all varieties of news from them.

But they indeed should let us see what’s included in each. It’s sad how we can’t click and see what sources are in each “channel”.

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Actually, let me edit. I just realized how to sort through. They should let us click to see, but you have to type. So for example:


If search it, starts like this:

Scroll down a bit, and you’ll find The New York Times listed. So it falls under Home for some reason.

I’m trying to look through to see what the others have now, more out of my own curiosity. Politics is actually a small group of sources in comparison, it seems.

I’ll have to confirm with the devs if these sources listed are what belongs to each category. If it is, definitely have some odd ones there.

@Saoiray thanks for the tips.

Yeah what I was doing is searching for newsfeeds with a keyword. For example, NYT does come up just by searching for “times” so the search, at least for me, did what I expected. The “follow”/“unfollow” button seems a bit off. I’ll try your technique though and see what happens. :slight_smile:

ADDENDUM… I see what you mean by the categories. I hadn’t even looked at that but I see that my settings currently show me following all the categories. Are there feeds under some of those categories that don’t appear in the list individual feed selections? I see that if I unfollow a category, it disappears from the left-hand pane, so I’m not sure how to get one back if I ever wanted to. Hm… :slight_smile:

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