Brave Keeps Logging Me Out Of Facebook

Each time I close the Brave browser, it logs me out of my Facebook account. Despite using the Facebook save browser feature. Other websites, such as Google, aren’t affected. It’s frustrating since I use ‘two-factor authentication’.

Steps I’ve tried:

  • Ensuring that ‘clear browser data on exit’ is disabled.
  • Turning off my Brave Shields
  • Manually deleting Brave cookies and browser data (194 KB 1 cookie)
  • View site info > reviewing information in there

Brave, version 1.60.118 Chromium: 119.0.6045.163 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Any other suggested solutions will be great. I understand others are having the exact same issue too, without any resolve.


Yeah, I could replicate it, also in Chrome; Seems to be serverside checks, atleast from my initial testing.


Exactly. Same happening for me as well.


I’m having the exact same issue, every…single…time I go to Facebook it does that, never happened before until 2 days ago, weird, Edge and Firefox not affected


Also having this issue.

Also seeing this - it is driving me MAD! I guess it’s good to know it’s not just me …

I found out why!
The first thing you must do
Clear all youre browser data/cookies!
When that is done.
Then if you have two factor authentication on your Facebook!
Step 1. Remove that
Step 2. Login on your Facebook account
Step 3. Try close down Brave browser
Step 4. Open Facebook without login
Step 5. “Only if you want” Enable youre two factor authentication on your Facebook again

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Same issue here as well, I have tried everything but I have lost hope, the problem is that my IP is rotating and I have to log in each time facebook might think my account is under attack! If anyone has a solution would be great!

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Unless facebook decides not to check the IP (server side), impossible to stop happening. VPN users would also be affected

Give this a try. It might help. Let me know if it solves the problem. Facebook: Need to re login after i close brave! - #55 by LuckyNgTitikoJr

How it happened?
I have encountered the same issue for the past couple of days and through some form of luck I was able to fix it.
In my case, it seems that the cookies that managed Facebook were either corrupted for some reason, or could never update with the new login data, this is probably why you kept getting the same prompts over and over again and kept getting logged out when you ended any browser session. Or it could be because of Brave Shields blocking some server-side checks and Facebook’s servers assuming you’ve altered the login process. It’s just my suspicion though, I’m not 100% sure.

So, on to the fix!
Steps I’ve done :

  1. Disabled brave shields for Facebook
  2. Did a history clean
  3. Log into Facebook.
  4. I tapped into the website information : View site into > Cookies and site data > Manage on device site data and deleted everything from there. I clicked done, then reload and was sent back into the login page. I accepted the cookies policy, logged in, entered the 2FA code and was good to go. No need to turn off the 2FA on my account and didn’t need to log in every time I started a new session.

Hope this helps, it worked in my case. Let me know if that solved the problem.

Quick Update : You can even turn Brave Shields back on after you’ve logged in, so that’s a nice plus, I guess :smile:

Hey guys I saw your post and wanted to give the solution for me.
Go to settings
Search for Secure DNS
Turn that off
That was all I needed and it works without logging me out constantly. Hope it works for you guys!


I know how to solve it!
You don’t need to cancel your two factor authentication on your Facebook!

  1. Cancel AD filter: EasyList Cookie (This is the culprit)
  2. Clear all your browser data/cookies
  3. Restart browser
  4. Log in to Facebook and Enjoy!

actually, your solution was the only one that really worked, thank you !
and guys please do not cancel your two-factor authentication, what’s the correlation between these stuff…
try disabling shield first on facebook, accept all cookies and turn Secure DNS off, that should work

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i have same problem and i trayed man fixes but still logout after close brave

I have a similar problem but it can be extended to Google and other accounts. Every time I have logged I get a message that anybody was logging with a new device. Brave does not save the data. What can I do?
Can you please show me your solution with screenshots?
Thank you in advance!

I don’t know if this will help anyone else:

Address bar, to the left of the address is an icon. Click it > Cookies and Site data > Manage on-site data > delete the “” underneath "Data from embedded sites

I’ve had this issue for the past several days.

Tried all sorts of fixes but only 1 has worked for me - Switch off Secure DNS or switch to a 3rd-party DNS (recommended)

  1. Head to brave://settings/security
  2. Under Advanced, enable Secure Domain Name System (DNS)
  3. Select DNS provider (Cloudflare has worked the best for me for many years)

And that should do it. Close and reopen your browser to confirm that Facebook stays logged in.

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