Brave jumps to the top of the page when I'm reading

When reading down a page, Brave randomly jumps back to the top. I’ve cleared the cache, and that didn’t help. I’ve tried the desktop version and it happens there too. I can’t read a full article because of it. Worried if I reinstall the app that I’ll losey bookmarks. Help?


In Windows, open a New Private Window and try reading. If working, the culprit is one of your extensions.


It’s happening in the Brave app.

I also deleted and reinstalled the app and it still happens. Brave is essentially not useable for me anymore.

More info I’ve discovered…it only happens with some sites ( is one). When I turn Brave Shields off, that stops the page fr jumping to the top. Of course, then I get pop ups. If you have thoughts let me know. Thanks!

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