Brave it'a scam

They pay only 2 first month 10-20 $ and after this time no any rewards for ads.

Your browser is up to date?

im with them for 6 month they pay every month only this time i didnt get nothing

I really don’t think Brave is a scam. I use it almost a year now and so far I always got the rewards I earned. Sometimes I had some phases with no Ads, or late payouts, but I think those things are just technical issues. Also the support was usually very willing to help in this situations.
So Brave is no scam, but could optimize it’s browser and infastructure a bit.


Did you get support from them directly?
What is the communication channel?

In order for something to be considered a scam you would’ve had to had loss something. What did you actually lose? Brave isn’t obligated to pay anyone even though they do it. Not getting paid doesn’t make it scam. What did you actually exchange and lose for you to call it a “scam”?

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And exactly how is Brave a scam? So you’re telling me you have been using Safari, Edge, Firefox, Opera, Chrome and or whatever else browser and have seen ads upon ads and on top of that had your clicks and purchases followed and your private info sold to God knows how many companies for free right?

And yet when you download a FREE browser called Brave, it blocks these types of ads. It blocks companies from spying on you and on top of that gives you BAT in return for viewing decentralized ads that are safe?

So how much money did you spend on Brave and how much did you lose?

It’s free. It’s legit. And “entitled” people only care about the food on their plate.


I was describing a problem about getting no ads anymore after I switched my system at the brave subreddit as a comment of another post. The official moderations there offered me to dm them to get in touch with a developer for a call to solve the problem. The problem solved from alone short after, so the meeting wasn’t necessary, but it was showing to me that they were very willing to find a solution for the problem.

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In Brave Marketing’s homepage it says: “Brave Rewards: Earn crypto tokens for your attention by opting in to privacy-preserving, first-party ads.”
I don’t think they are SCAM, but they set out to offer advertising payments to us and they should stick to their words because it’s pretty clear there in their Marketing! So they DO HAVE TO COMPLY WITH IT!

I made 7 BATS last month. and 8 BATS the month before. Many people are still seeing and receiving ads and BATS. What you read on these forums is NOT the whole picture. There are millions of Brave users.

So just because you’re not getting it doesn’t mean the entire Brave users are experiencing the same issue. Maybe there is an issue with your browser? A bug etc etc

Anywho, relax. Brave is a browser and it’s free. Try not to lose sleep over it. Especially when you can uninstall and use another browser of your choice.


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Aw geez, if that’s the case, no one tell the BAT team that I’ve been receiving my rewards for going on over two years now. :wink:

But as for real talk the rest of you;

Make sure your browser stays updated. A lot of app stores have a habit of disabling auto-updates for Brave. (same with your wallet if you use uphold, etc.)

If you’re newer (and I’m assuming you are) there are a few things to note;

  1. ‘est. pending BATs’ is just that, an estimate, don’t swear by that number.

  2. The ‘pay period’ ends on the 1st of the Month, Your ‘pending BAT est’ ONLY shows the current period.

  3. The ‘pending transit’ banner that appears after the 1st will have your accurate amount (as long as your version is current), but the banner usually goes away by the 7th.

  4. HOWEVER, ‘payday’ is not the 1st of the month, nor is it the same day every month, but it’s usually between the 7th-13th, depending on the wallet.

  5. There might be a hold-over amount in your ‘pending’ estimate, but those will pay out after a couple cycles. (Don’t know if the ads that paid those are still running though)

If I can promise one thing, it’s that patience pays, people.

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Payouts are currently processing, so don’t be alarmed if you have not yet received your BAT from ads. Please follow this thread for updates - Ads Payout Status Update.

Thank you for your patience!