Brave is very laggy when moving tabs around

Description of the issue:
When I move a singular tab off the window it was on, it becomes very laggy. This doesn’t occur when moving the entire window. The same happens when I am reordering my bookmarks and dragging downloads off the download bar that appears at the bottom. Here is a recording (I couldn’t directly upload due to my new account here):

How can this issue be reproduced

  1. Open Brave
  2. Create New Tab
  3. Move around

Expected result:
No log when dragging things around.

Brave Version( check About Brave):
V 1.29.77

Additional Information:
I am running linux using Pop! OS, I have followed the exact guide to install and even reinstalled multiple times (hence the low trackers blocked in the video). My NVIDIA Drivers are up to date and OS is also. Turning Hardware Acceleration off, did not fix it for me.

Thank you for reaching out and for the detailed report.

I certainly do see the issue in your video – do you have any extensions installed at this time? I’m also curious whether or not you get the same behavior if you try it when the browser is not maximized?


I do not have any extensions installed.
It still doesn’t work when when not maximised.
I reinstalled it (deleting all files from the old install) and it instantly didn’t work, without opening any webpages, syncing to my sync chain or doing anything.

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Thank you for the information – very curious behavior.

Do you have any custom themes set for your OS?

nope, it’s just a standard install.
I just recently moved to linux from windows where it worked fine.

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So this issue seems similar to another user’s that we are looking into:

I’ve pinged the relevant team members again to hopefully get some additional information. Appreciate your patience.

I read this users post and wanted to clarify that I had installed the beta build before the normal build. I only switched to the normal one, because of this issue. I thought it might have been an issue with the beta build.

Wait so to confirm, you were seeing this on both Beta and stable builds of the browser?

Yes, I saw it on both versions.

I am having the same Issue, Firefox handles this without movement animation and Chromium handles this not moving “dynamically” the tab, only horizontally maximized. This is a very annoying problem for people that have multi-monitor configurations. Using Kubuntu 21.04.

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