Brave is slow for some sites and sync problem

Brave is slower on some sites than any other chromium based browser and even slowest Firefox. Like visiting it takes too much time to load site properly but other browsers don’t.

And honestly, sync is weak point of Brave. Please if possible create better sync where user can delete its all data, remove amy device from chain, etc.

And Brave doesn’t have secure dns option which all other chromium browsers have running chromium 85 or 86. I am running Brave latest version 1.15.73 with chromium 86.

And most important, please add settings for Brave shields to decide what to block by default and what to allow. Now it is to be manually set up for each site.

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@ysl99, does seem to take a good amount of time to render – cc @fanboynz for this one. Are there any other sites that you are encountering similar issues with?

With respect to the other issues you raised, they seem more like feature requests/feedback, which have their own sections here in Community – please repost them in the appropriate categories.

Thank you.

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It’s more of a test case site, not representative for websites. Looking at it, it is scanning a lot of hardware/sensors/fingerprinting/addons/ etc. Brave blocks a lot by default, the scanning will take a little longer.

Is there another site(s) taking much longer? @ysl99

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Okay Thank you so much. I have used almost all popular browsers and switched to Brave since some months. I will surely be careful where to post and what to post. Thank you so much.


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