Brave is picking up the worst traits of Edge browser :-(

Edge Browser is just terrible to set up if you want a simple start page.
Microsoft really want you to see their ads and news feed and get guided to their products so they hide all the settings you need to turn stuff off - hoping people won’t bother.

Today I turned on an old laptop and updated Brave. So far I have been nagged/prompted to use:

  • Brave Wallet
  • Brave VPN
  • Brave Talk
  • Brave News
    The first 3 you can just right click to remove, but Brave news is a real pain… You can use brave://flags to disable the creepy slider that shows the first story. You can switch off the card under customize. But so far I haven’t been able to remove the “scroll for brave news” at the bottom.

Really - offer Brave news. If people don’t want it let them remove it. Is that so hard? These dark patterns forcing it to stay visible and nagging people to use it are not good.

You can turn it off…

Turn that toggle off and there’s no more “scrolling” done. It’s just the basic Dashboard.

You can also set your New Tab Page to something other than the dashboard, in which case you wouldn’t even see that. Brave News only shows on the dashboard and when you have it enabled.

What is forced to stay visible? You even mentioned you can hide or disable all of these features/buttons.

No nagging at all. They are there for people who wish to use it. Otherwise you get rid of it. It’s that simple. Once done, it doesn’t send you notices or draw attention to say, “don’t forget you can activate this by going here.”

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Thank you for reporting but as @Saoiray stated, Brave News is easy to disable and is illustrated above. Unless there is any other issues here or we missed something I’m going to go ahead and close this thread.

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