Reformatting the Brave News Feed

Before I switched over to Brave from Microsoft’s Edge, I enjoyed Edge’s news feed as a way to start my day. I was very pleased to see a news feed available in tabs for Brave, and unlike Edge, there seems to be more customizability for which news outlets I see which is excellent. However, the two browsers portray their feeds very differently.

With Edge, news could be displayed on the first tab page instead of a nice picture (or one could keep the nice picture and have the news feed below it like Brave does by default; Edge users had a choice). In addition, Edge news links were spread out in a grid display for quicker viewing of headlines; unfortunately, Brave news can only be viewed in a single column. Furthermore, Edge had category links that would instantly sort the viewing options; with Brave, the business news is mixed with the politics which is mixed with the tech with no way to have only one displayed at a time.

Brave is ultimately better than Edge, and I don’t see myself switching back anytime soon, but it did have a great way of displaying the news. If Brave can adopt some of its excellent news features into its own browser, it would make it that much better.