Allow me to turn off Brave News completely (no scroll prompt)

To further minimize distractions please remove the animated prompt: “Scroll for Brave News” on the dashboard when opening a new tab. If revenue is a concern please add the ability for me to donate monthly/yearly for an amount of my choosing.

@tannermann Well, in alignment with your topic title, there is a toggle to turn off Brave News…(see it on the top right of the screenshot?)


Turn it off and you no longer see that. Also scrolling down won’t go to Brave News, because it’s off.

As you can imagine, you get to that by hitting Customize on the screen where it would appear. See that Customize button on the bottom right of the dashboard on the screenshot above?

Thanks, I had done that already but the animating section at the bottom wasn’t going away. Turns out I needed to click it and confirm “Don’t show” before it went away permanently.