I havent recived ads in a long time ( more than 6 months)


I haven’t received ads like I used to before in the last 6 months. I use brave every single day.
This happened right before I was about to hit 25 bat mark (minimum amount to withdraw).
Every single similar post I see like my issue is always empty and closed: Still havent recieve ads for a while
This makes me think this is a pathetic scam. The reason I didnt report this before was because I didnt care enough but now I this is just a scam. I only got a single ad this month which is more than the amount of ads I got in september and august and before
I used to get a lot of ads before.


I have set my ads to 10 per hour. With auto tipping off
region: India
Tell me if you need more info.

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Same here. I get the feeling the responses to these issues are very minimal.


Still no response yet, hahaha. I posted it on reddit and all they did was remove my post and asked to post it on here, which I already did. Great job Brave customer service team.

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