Brave is giving me an old no lnger used phone number when I try to verify log in to a site

When I go to a particular credit card site using brave and try to log in, Brave is presenting an old, no longer used phone number for me to receive a call or text on. This only happens with Brave and no other browser. I have checked my profile at the credit card site and it does have m new, current phone number. I have tried uninstalling Brave and then re-installing, resetting to default settings, removing the bookmark for the site etc, but nothing works.

Can anyone tell me how I can change the phone number Brave “thinks” I still have?

You can change your autofill settings for any site by going to brave://settings/autofill in the address bar :slight_smile:

Nope. Did not work. Looked all over for a setting. Filled in my name/address/phone number info, but I am still having the same problem. The weird thing is that I did not even have that number active when I purchased a new Mac Book air. That number has not been active for months so I have no idea. where it is coming from. When I log onto the credit card providers site using Safari, no problem, it shows my correct {new} cell phone number, but not with Brave. But thanks for the suggestion.

To confirm, an Autofill option is what you’re referring to when you see this number, correct?
If so, I would recommend clearing Brave cache/autofill data entirely and see if this solves the issue.
Menu --> History --> Clear browsing data and ensure you check the Autofill form data option:

No I am talking about a 2fa screen that is showing a phone number I haven’t used in over s year and it is. Not my current number

I think you’ll need to elaborate and/or provide some screenshots of the issue as you see it on your end – I don’t think I’m following the issue correctly.

Actually I found the problem. Somehow my credit card company had recorded a bogus ‘trusted’ phone number for me. Got it fixed, thanks for your suggestions.